Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hong Kong Trip 2012

 Happy Chinese New Year everyone out there!
I know i have been MIA for few weeks!
Because i went to HK few weeks before and i'm sooo lazy to upload all the photos and also part of me were busy meeting up with my friends and also some preparation for CNY!
This year is dragon year, but i 'fan tai sui' also, need to go temple to pray so that i have a peaceful life this year *pray hard*

So i've finally uploaded and since i'm free right now, i've decided to make a post which i went to Hk for 8 days 7 nights!
Sounds long huh? well, what to do? The bf and I both love HK too much, but this time around we were on budget so didn't get to buy much~
Im not used to the blog's new format of uploading pics, so all the pics are messed up!

One of the day we finally went to Mongkok which is part of Kowloon, 2 MRT stations away from where i stayed. Fyi, i stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui - Langham Hotel and the service was awesome!
We passed by this dog association which they are trying to raise fund for the animals!
And this is the 1st time i met St Bernard, and i've finally found another new love for dog!
Even my Bf can't resist them! (actually he's the one intro them to me)
 See how fluffy they could me?
The are so tame and obedient!
 My bf told me that this Bernard' face is bigger than mine! haha
I find this funny yet cute at the same time
Trust me, his face never change! Same pose same emotion!
 I remembered one of the i was soooo fed up with the Chinese food i had around HK.
So we've went to this place call DG Wine & Cafe at Herritage 1888 if i haven't get all the name messed up!
Sorry, name is just not my thing. Teehee
The food was okay, but the weather? Woohoo, i really miss it so much since back here in Msia, i feel like i'm a roasted chicken~
 Bread served! Somehow, i ate alot of bread this trip. Guess i've gained some weight due to the amount of bread i've take in! From hotel buffet breakfast, tea time - polo bun to supper - sandwich!
He's totally enjoying the wind! he don't feel cold at all, and he still can swt at this weather!?
My bf is just simply weird! hahaha

 My pasta, sorry i couldn't recall what's the name of this!
I think because it's something different from chinese food, so i think this is somehow good!
Wanted to try their tea for two too! But i didn't wanna take more bread/cakes! It's soo fattening.
 Since i've been watching alot of TVB drama, i saw they always ordering french toast!
So i've ordered and i actually regret about it!
Because i don't like peanut butter with crunch, i just love plain peanut butter!
Prolly if u like crunch in it, it will taste good for u. No harm to try though, at least u know what does it taste like.
 Day before i left, i went to this place call Paul Lafayet, it's actually located at Hanoi Road in Tsim Sha Tsui.
To be more details: it's actually at Grand Hyatt a place named K11!
If u get lost, feel free to ask the receptionist, they will be able to help you out.
Apparently, they also have a place call Awfully Chocolate, i didn't get to try.
My friend told me it's one of the famous chocolate shop in Singapore too. 
 Creme Brulee! It's probably the one and only that taste sooooooooooooooooooo nice!
 Believe me or not! My bf likes this 'Sweet Dynasty' so much that we went there for 3 out of 7 nights!
The amount of ppl is crazy but somehow their food and dessert taste good!
 Grumpy that we have been walking the whole day!
Seriously, i wanna thanks my bf that he's willing to walk whole day with me, but dragging him in the morning is a serious killer!
 Some noodle with beef, as i said, their food is quite nice! But the portion is crazy~
I will advice to order lesser if possible. However, everything seems so nice and u would wanna try.
If so, tapao the rest that u cannot finished =)
 His salad pai kuat!
I never like this kind of dish, but somehow it's kinda good and it sorta amaze me!
 Want some polo bun?!
Bleh, this is the reason why i've gained weight since i'm back from HK i basically look like a balloon now!
 Their oh-so-famous 'chu zhai bao' *Sorry this laptop couldn't type chinese words*
This is very sinful yet tasty, one is just not enough~
 Fried rice? Ok only! The one from Macau Restaurant taste much better and it's soooooo nice that we finished in few mins
 Mango pudding and pamelo in dry ice!
This is good and cool, the one without the dry ice taste better though.
 The sago lover.
I didn't get to take picture of the taufufah!
It's soooo smooth and i wonder how they managed to make it. Malaysia taufufah failed max.
 Did i mentioned that my hotel's buffet breakfast is fantastic!
According to one of the ang moh that's sitting there in the morning, they said this is rated one of the best breakfast buffet ever~ And he said he has tried it and prove it's right!
Imagine all the flour that i've ate and i went to sleep right after breakfast every morning.
 Bacon, salmon, tuna! Seriously?
 Looks like alot? Not really actually! teehee
 None of the portugese tart taste so nice compare to theirs!
Prolly their recipe is from Macau and they are once under Portugal territory?
 Kim Gary is something cannot fight with their normal char chan teng <3
 Kai tan zhai? Something u cannot missed out!
This is not as nice as the one i've at from Tong Lo Wan.
 Some SS pictures, it's not meaningful anymore if u miss out that moment.
 My new coat/jacket!
Loving this even though it's a little bit pricey.

 This is the fried rice that i mentioned it's soooooo nice *salivating*
 One of the morning that i force him to wake up! The sui zhong look! Waahaa

 One of the warehouse place which ppl all go crazy because the disc there is crazy!
I didn't post all the pictures here, prolly i will consider posting them in facebook, will see how!
Well, overall i have a wonderful trip just that now i'm super broke.

I need to get going already!
Have a great holiday  =)

Logging off,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

1st Post 2012

 Hello 2012!
Welcoming the Dragon year and this is definitely my year! Was somehow proud to be part of the dragon baby! Teehee, guess it's not so easy huh?
I had a rather chilling session in my friend's house for 2012 countdown, seems like we are really getting old, we didn't wanna spend time partying hard and get all wasted!
But, something in doubt is, red wine + beer?! And with unlimited food and snacks coming in?
It's definitely increasing the amount that's gonna show in the weighing machine!

My friend posted this on whatsapp and i find it rather cute!
It's actually a specs casing and monkey on top of it!
So cute! Anybody know where i can actually get this?!

 Also, I've been hanging out in Pavilion alot, getting real bored with KL's shopping mall, i wanted something different!
Duck King, seems to be always my bf's choice everytime our visit.
 Find this tofu is quite nice =p
 I have no idea but that day the restaurant is full of people.
Service still good as ever, but what's with the amount of chili padi that they gave?!
Even my bf was so surprised and find it funny! haha
 It's been a while huh?!
I think i look quite 'chan' here... owels.
 I've been quite a big eater nowadays!
Just can't stop eating. Guess after my sister wedding, it tend to be a reason for me to eat more cause before this is was like restricted (apparently my diet plan failed max)!
Went to Papa Rich after my dinner and guess what we ordered?
From bread to chicken wings to fish cake and ice kacang?!
Call this a supper? More like a feast!
Let's hope i really don't get weight by CNY!
 Oh ya, something really random! I actually just got back from Library meeting up with my babe which she need to work traveling everywhere - Library!
End of the day? 2 guys singing their lung out and makes all of us to have a good laugh...
 Did i mentioned that my parents did have another makan session with my uncles right after my sister wedding dinner!
We have it in Ming Room, i really like this meat platter... ahhhh...

Following more food from Michaelangelos!
Somehow they serve quite a quality food!
Always love to go there, just that the price is a little bit too pricey eh?

 More food?
Ahyat Abalone is still doing their promotion which is weekdays 50% and weekend 30% on their lunch dimsum!
Loving this bird nest egg tart though i prefer the traditional kind of way to make bird nest!
 Egg yolk bun? So-so!
Welcoming my 2012 yo!
Hopefully this year is gonna be good to me!
I hope to have a better life, live happily and a better career!
The year of rabbit has been bad to me, my career, is really pain in my ass.
Hope u all have a good one.
I will be flying off to HK day after!

Hope i do enjoy my time there!

Logging off,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Xmas Eve 2011

 Finally my sister wedding has over!
That 2 days were seriously killing me and everyone of us so much. We are all sooo exhausted and tired and till now i can still feel the tired-ness running in me. Prolly it's the lazy worm that's doing the trick.
I were so busy till the extend that i can't take much pics on that wedding day itself.
Day before my sister wedding, my house did a small house party.
The buffet is indeed awesome, everyone love it including me! I shall post it after i get my hand on the camera.
Mummy was so happy with the food and she start posing even though my intention wasn't on her =p
 Party ended quite early (earlier than expected) but somehow i just can't seems to sleep that night, ended up with 1 hour sleep and i have to last through out the day!
The outcome is.. ... i did not countdown Christmas this year! Though it's not a big day for me, but i would love to celebrate with my friend or love ones, but i was TOO. EXHAUSTED!

In the morning, we cam whore before i get all haywire. Apparently i was already too occupied to the extend i don't even know which to handle 1st.
 With my cousin - Serene Yiing
 With my cousin - Chelsie Wei Ling
 The happily married wedding couple!
Lovely n sweet!
 I was rushing n i was even lucky that Christmas eve is not even near to being JAM!
Im soooo amazed with the traffic and i tot i would run out of time and wouldn't be able to find any parking in 1 World Hotel! Somehow miracles happened sometimes and the food was surprisingly good as well.
Prolly our expectation were so low and everything turn out to be good and we were all happy =)
 One of the reason why i'm sooooo rush? It's because i'm the receptionist, gotta be there early just to wait for the guests (somehow i'm slightly late)
 Bla Bla Bla... busy finding the seats for the guests!

 Somehow i look weird here, and what i love the most is the champagne!
It's something different from what i can get from Zouk! this is smoother and nicer maybe?!
 It all ended well and i did not stay till the last guest that left. I went back home right away and KO-ed!
Call it a Christmas eve day!

Day after, since i did not able to countdown, i went to mall and did a little bit shopping!
Dinner with buddies n hommies in Bangsar Bistro 42!
Turn out to be good and the price is somehow above average kinda range!
I did not take pic with what i ate, but it's soooooo good!
Would def going back for that as well!
 And how do we girls resist dessert?!
This is just so-so nothing big to shout out.
 Prefer this more, macadamia nut brownie, i regret not ordering this cause i tot it was suppose to be 'macadamia-fied' but it wasnt!

 And this was Eeven's dessert, her fav strawberry shortcake, i didn't fancy this cause it was full of cream >< Bleh....
 They tapao-ed red wine and beer to Sk's house and the guys group into band and start playing with it! hahaha! No drumstick? The random thoughts of using SPOON! End result?! Doesn't work too well, chop stick is better =p
 Even though it's something small but it's the companion that count the most!

Sadly i wasn't really in my good mood nowadays! Was so annoyed-frus even a small little thing don't go right!

Today my sister came back to visit us and we heard alot of interesting stories! Make me realised that some people can be really selfish and even very devious and we don't even know it n worse part?! We can't judge them till things happened/turn bad.

Don't worry i'm not upset, at all!
Just whining, who don't whine/complain right?

Upcoming event - NEW YEAR!
Can't wait.

Logging off,